Steps to Personal Growth and Enlightenment

The way to enlightenment is moving the alternative way, it has become honestly aware and acknowledging of the method that you truly are in that time, and in this enabling, you move through every one of the layers of the recognition of “me” until you realize the foundation of that which you are.
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And the foundation of you is nondual. It’s enjoy without an opposite compared to that love. It’s peace without an other compared to that peace. If you’re an enlightened being you experience the nature of every thing as unconditional enjoy and peace. It is total flexibility from dualistic belief; flexibility from the conflicted rational mind.

How can an enlightened being free you from your intellectual brain and confidence? Certainly through teachings spiritual awakening, training specific practices like meditation.

But the main way a fully enlightened being shows enlightenment is through merely being an enlightened being. Simply by being, they obviously radiate the power vibration that stimulates you to enlightenment. And by sitting together, that energy is obviously transmitted to you. Their enlightened power vibration awakens you at the core. Enlightenment starts to be awakened in you before the mind can even understand it. And this makes sitting by having an enlightened being the simplest road to enlightenment. And this is something a spiritual instructor cannot do.

So you see, just by sitting in the current presence of an enlightened being without them actually speaking, you’re bathed in that enlightened energy vibration and start to appreciate enlightened experience. You may start to quickly awaken to truth, consciousness and bliss without also having to learn lots of teachings. More truthfully, you begin to unlearn. You commence to discard most of the useless information that you have been carrying about since you start to experience the truth within you, perhaps not in certain teaching.

Now while there is no exchange to a totally enlightened being, you can even knowledge that enlightened power vibration through sound. Breakthroughs in noise technology mean this power vibration sent by enlightened beings has now been noted and changed into sound. You can hear free samples of this enlightened vibration converted into meditation audio by visiting “The Spiritual Awareness CD” link below.

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